What is Being Recorded?

There are exactly five pieces of data recorded about you:
Your Phlex server's IP or URL: Needed so we can send voice commands to your instance of phlex.
Your Phex server's API token: Used to verify communication between your Phlex instance and the primary Phlex server.
Your Email Address: Used to verify that it's you trying to talk to your server.
A unique Google Access Token and Access ID: Used in conjunction with your email address to verify you are who you say you are.

Additionally, for purposes of improving Phlex, I have begun collecting anonymous usage statistics based on incoming requests.

For each request, I am logging the raw speech command, the parsed data, execution time, and any speech returned to the client. This has
become necessary due to the sheer volume of commands I get every day...rotating log files are just not fast enough to debug every issue.
By recording this additional data, I have the ability to further examine failed commands and debug issues.

What is being done with this information?

Verification, verification, communication, debugging. Nothing else. Any information recorded is done so strictly for purposes of verification, communication, or improving how Phlex works.
Your data will never be shared with anybody, at any time, ever. EVER. Honestly, I don't even want to store your email address.
But, it is the least possible amount of data that can possibly be kept without making things very difficult to implement.

Are you a cop, man?

Nope. Nor am I working with any form of law enforcement, government agency, team of Russian hackers, minions, ninjas, or anybody else
who could force, coerce, instruct, prompt, or otherwise cause me to disclose any form of information regarding any users of the Phlex service.

Terms of Service?

There are none. This is a free product. Data collected is used to make the app better. That's it. Not everybody's a money-grubbing jerk...